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Our Products

At A to Z our products and service is totally focused on meeting our client's needs.

We tailor all applications to suit each individual requirements and involve our clients as much as possible to ensure that they are totally satisfied. We strive to do more for our clients, even clients who have previously been refused by major lenders have the opportunity to re-apply through us, often with success.

A to Z Mortgages provides a complete solution. All the running around and paperwork is done for you, as we have instant access to the latest interest rates and products. We also fully explain the loan process to you, so that you know what to expect.

With our access to a wide range of lenders and product knowledge, we are able to offer our clients the best expertise and most professional service available. With such a diverse range of lenders, A to Z Mortgages have over 250 products available to help find the best finance solution for our clients.

Home Loans

Home loans are available for both owner occupied purchase, and refinance loans.

The minimum amount required for a deposit is 3%, however the majority of lenders request a minimum of 5% deposit.

For a borrower looking to pay his/her home loan off more quickly, both 100% offset accounts and lines of credit are available with a deposit of only 5% required.

Fixed rates from 1-10 years are available. Redraw and extra payment facilities are available on most products.

Investment Loans

Traditionally you require a 10% deposit for an investment loan, however we have some lenders who only require a 5% deposit for an investment purchase.

Other facilities available to our clients are:

  • Interest only up to 10 years
  • 100% borrowing
  • Pre paid interest in advance
  • Offset accounts
  • 30 year terms

Business/Commercial Loans

Business loans are available at Home Loan rates, provided residential security is used.

Commercial Loans for the purchase/refinance of shops, offices and industrial sheds are available with a 25% deposit or 100% finance with other security used.

Land Loans

Loans for the purchase or refinance of vacant land are available with a deposit of 10%.

Credit Problem Loans

Applicants who may have a problem with their credit rating eg: defaults, bankruptcy, arrears on loans, and slow payers can also benefit by applying for a loan through A to Z Mortgages. We have a number of lenders who can assist anyone in this position.

First Home Owners Grant

A to Z Mortgages can make applying for your first Home Loan so easy. We guide you through the first home owners grant and explain what is required. Finding the right home loan is made easy as we do all the work for you.